Privacy Policy

License for the Theme

Our commitment to the privacy of our visitors is paramount. This privacy policy delineates the types of personal information gathered by and its utilization.


At, we utilize cookies to store visitor preferences, record user-specific information regarding accessed pages, and tailor webpage content based on browser type and other transmitted information.

Refund Policy

Upon purchasing and downloading a theme, refunds are generally not provided. However, refunds may be considered under certain circumstances. If dissatisfaction arises with our product or support, a refund can be requested. Additionally, if our team fails to assist in issue resolution, a full refund will be issued.

Ownership and Liability

No claim of intellectual or exclusive ownership may be made to any product, whether modified or unmodified, as all products remain the property of Burger Theme. Violation of this ownership will result in the termination of subscription and other actions as dictated by copyright law. Our theme is ensured to operate on the latest stable version of WordPress. Support requests for issues occurring after theme file modification or installation of third-party plugins may be rejected at our discretion.